"Hibakusha" (survivors of A-bomb) will be gone.

65 years since the atomic bombing, the average age of Hibakusha has reached over 75 years old. In the future not so far, with certainty, Hibakusha will soon be gone from this world. The loss of the actual Hibakusha will also mean the loss of firsthand witness of history, who truly desire peace.

History decays over time.

Do you know what happened in the 9th of August? Do you know the exact time when the A-bomb struck? There are not many people who can precisely answer to these questions. The attention from media, or in education, the opportunity of being exposed to the topic of atomic bombing is gradually declining, and the memory is starting to efface among the people.

In our world today.

It is said that there are more than 20,000 nuclear weapons that still exist in this world today. Though President Obama is striving for a world without nuclear weapons, nobody cannot neglect the threat which still is existent on this planet.

The world changes.

The possibilities are high for our children, the coming new generation will first notice about the A-bomb through the Internet. When they face the Internet to learn about the history by themselves, what kind of history exists there? That is our challenge, as a narrator of history, and also is a new possibility of how one can learn history.

What we can do.

In a situation like this, we started to consider if there is something new that we can engage, here from Nagasaki, the very place where the A-bomb struck. With all the abundant valuable resources in Nagasaki, a new approach to take advantage of them lead to this project. This project enables to access all of those resources from all over the world, which was formerly unable to do so. Moreover, by mapping the information with topographic data, the user can enhance the experience of what it was like when the A-bomb struck Nagasaki, in detail. "Nagasaki Archive" is an attempt to reorganize all of those information on a digital virtual globe (google earth). In order to make Nagasaki the last place on earth where the A-bomb struck, we hope that many people to interact with and learn from "Nagasaki Archive".